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De Castelli

Wanneer metaal een design meubelstuk wordt !

This amazing Italian brand "De Castelli" brings craft ideas and craftsmanship to industrial metal processes. Which leads to completely original results in terms of oxidations, textures, engravings, erosions. A beautiful collection of pieces that, despite being part of a series, remain unique.

Click here for the catalog and price list.

Below you will find some models from the range.

When metal becomes design furniture!

Azzari is pleased to announce the latest addition to our dealer list - Devos Interieur is now an exclusive dealer of De Castelli.

As an exclusive dealer, Devos Interieur offers a wide selection of De Castelli Collection. From design chairs to striking tables, side tables to decorative accessories. 

Discover here the website of Devos Interieur, to see their collection of the De Castelli products. 

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